Terra Nova Practice Activities

Review Skills for Language Arts

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Rooting Out Words  Main Idea Practice

Context Clues –Keeping Cows in the Pen

Fact or Opinion

 Grammar Blast –Adjectives and Adverbs  Words With Multiple
 Reading Exercises  Context is Key
 Using Multiple Meaning Words  Antonym Match
 Cause and Effect Relationships

Fact or Opinion

 Cause and Effect Connectors

The Thesaurus
Analogy Quiz  


Math Skills

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Read and Recognize Numbers  Tony’s Fraction’s Pizza Shop
 Place Value Puzzler Adding Fractions
Finding Place Value Subtracting Fractions
Soccer Shootout Practice Finding a Percent
Decimal Switch           Percents and Wholes

Equivalent Fraction Match

Reducing Fractions


Additional Links for Terra Nova Skills:

Brainchild Online Assessment-Grades 3-5 Math&Reading Skills-Click on "Online
Assessment", then Tennessee, and choose subject and grade level from there.

These lessons are elementary test prep activities for the New York State Testing grades K and up; Go to the Home Page and click on the lesson or activity that applies-subject and grade level are listed.

Math Vocabulary Flash Page for Third Grade

Third Grade Measurement Vocabulary

Third Grade Number Sense Vocabulary

Interactive Sample Tests from Illinois, Reading, Math & Science Grades 3-5; Submit your answers and you will receive feedback!

Standardized Practice for Florida students includes math vocabulary, data analysis, geometry, numbers, measurement, etc., grades 1-4, check out this page.

Leap for Fun Interactive Quiz (4th Grade Game)

Grade level skills help page from Internet 4 Classrooms:

Kindergarten Skills

First Grade Skills

Second Grade Skills

Third Grade Skills

Fourth Grade Skills

Fifth Grade Skills


Interactive Language Arts Power Point Presentations for students to read and receive feedback.

The first time you open one, you will be asked to download a Power Point add-in for Animation-Click YES and follow all prompts:

Complete Sentences

Foolish Fragments-Grade 5

Capitalization and Punctuation

Let's Put an end to sentences-Grade 4

What's Your Mark? Grade 3

Sentence Stumpers Grade 3

Clutter Busters-Grade 5

Pronouns-Grade 3

What are pronouns? Grades 3-5

Subject-Verb Agreement

Subjects and Predicates

Teaching Titles-Grade 3

Proofreading-Grade 3

Proofreading-Grades 3-5

Which Word Works-Grade 2

Multiple Meanings-Grade 4

Drawing Conclusions-Grade 2

Double Negatives-Grade 3

Plural and Singular Nouns

Progressive Nouns

What Possessed You? Grade 3

Name It! Nouns-Grades 2-3

Types of Nouns-Common and Proper Nouns

Action Verbs

State of Being Verbs

Irregular and Helping Verbs

Verb tense and subject-verb agreement

Tcap Practice Math: Includes word problems, graph quizzes, and more; all grade levels.

Click below for practice tests for math, reading, writing and science. Submit your answers for feedback on correct and incorrect answers:

Third Grade Math Practice Test

Third Grade Reading Practice Test

Fourth Grade Math Practice Test

Fourth Grade Reading Practice Test

Fifth Grade Math Practice Test

Fifth Grade Reading Practice Test

Fourth Grade Writing Practice Test

Fifth Grade Science


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