Your contribution to The Learning Page
  Do you have something that you would like to contribute to The Learning Page?  Well you can!  There are a few ways that you can contribute.


  Find a link.
Do you know a website that belongs on The Learning Page or Collaborate and Create as a resource for teacher integration lesson builder?  If you do, email Be sure to include the appropriate grade level and subject that the link is intended for, along with any additional information that you feel may be needed.  Please also include your name and your school so that you may be cited for your contribution. We will accept anonymous contributions as well. EXAMPLES


  Link your page to The Learning Page.
Just like above, email us at and we will include your lessons or themes on our Teacher Pages.  Be sure to include your name, grade level, and/or subject, and school. EXAMPLES


  Make your own lesson.
This "lesson" will be a page under the Grade Level Lessons on  This is NOT a lesson plan, i is a student activity.  Your "lesson" can be a supplement to your classroom curriculum, or an idea or theme that you would like for students to explore, research, and learn more about.  Create your lesson in one of the following formats: .doc (Microsoft Word), .txt. or .rtf, Google docs, or an open source word processing program. Attach the
document to an email and send it to  We will post the lesson online for you to use with you students.   Also see How To on Collaborate and Create for more information.  Also see How To on Collaborate and Create for more information.  EXAMPLES