Unit 1 

This is a live cam of a coral reef in Florida.  It clicks pictures every 3 seconds.  While there, view the coral reef gallery and the recent photos at the top of the page.  To check it out, Click here.


This is a great site to get answers to most questions about life in the ocean.  The questions are listed and you click on the question to find the answer.  Click here to view.


This site gives great research about the various plant and animal life in the ocean.  Great diagrams and easy to read and understand.  To view, click here.


Come and take a look at Hawaii’s coral reef.  Many great pictures and information.  To view, click here.


Unit 2

Take a tour of the life in oceans.  To view this think quest,  click here. 

Great site on the oceans.  To view, click here.

Come and play some really cool ocean games.  To play, click here.

Find out about many ocean animal at this site.  Great reference site for research.  To view, click here.

Here is a wonderful place to find PICTURES of your ocean animal for your research.  To check it out, click here.

Great place for research.  This page will take you to many different links about all aquatic life.  To view, click here.

Submitted by S. Berry of CGE

Coral Reefs-click on Fun Zone!